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Agency Directory Online Services. Inmates may only place outgoing collect calls to family and friends; they may not receive incoming calls. CenturyLink is the contracted provider for this service can be contacted with questions at In order to receive calls from an inmate, a pre-paid billing account must be established with Securus Correctional Billing Services SCBSunless your local telephone provider will bill collect calls.

At the end of July,Securus will no longer be the billing service provider; please plan accordingly. In order to do so, the inmate must have the telephone number, account number, and name of the person on the account. Without this information, money cannot be applied to the account. Once an account has been created and funded, please allow up to 24 hours to begin receiving calls. A touch-tone phone that emits a tone when buttons are pressed is required. Using cell phones, smart phones, or pre-paid phones is not recommended.

The Division of Adult Institution's has begun the process of discontinuing billing services provided through Securus and implementing a new phone system through which CenturyLink will provide both service and billing. When the conversion is complete, customers will notice a significant reduction in phone service rates.

International call rates do not apply. Incarcerated individuals will be able to establish and fund their own calling accounts; family or friends will need to establish a new pre-paid account only if they wish to accept collect calls. Ellsworth and Milwaukee Women's correctional centers will begin the conversion to the new CenturyLink phone system.

The remaining DAI institutions and centers will convert to the new system starting in July, with conversion of all facilities expected to complete by the end of that month. Securus accounts must remain open until the facility where the inmate is housed is converted.

If you receive calls from individuals at more than one facility, such as one that converts in June and another that converts in July, both accounts will need to remain open until conversion is complete.

dodge correctional institution cells

Refunds can be requested for funds remaining on Securus accounts when an account is closed by calling Securus at or by visiting their website and choosing Manage Account, then Close Account. Refunds may take two to three weeks to process and all funds will be sent to the account holder, even if money was deposited on the account by an inmate. The Division of Adult Institutions recognizes the public's interest in accessing divisional policies and procedures.

dodge correctional institution cells

The policies provided on our website are intended only for informational purposes and are routinely updated to comply with changes to federal and state laws, Department procedures, and correctional best-practices. The division does not post policies that could compromise the security of a correctional facility.

Policies are available on the DAI Policies page. Use the Inmate and Offender Search tool to locate an inmate sentenced to state prison and currently housed within a DOC facility. If you cannot locate the inmate you are inquiring about, they may be held in a city or county jail, which are administered separately from DOC facilities. The following vendors have been approved as sources for inmate hobby and property purchases.

Inmate family and friends may purchase items from these vendors using DOC-specific catalogs. Inmates in Reception Status at Dodge Correctional Institution may not order from or receive orders from vendors until they are classified as General Population Inmates.

Electronic messages can be sent to and from DOC inmates through the CorrLinks system, sometimes also referred to as the kiosk. Inmates must initiate the contact by adding the friend or family member to their contact list.

To accept the request, click the link in the email to be taken to the CorrLinks website where you can create an account at no cost. Any individual who receives a contact request or message from an inmate can also choose not to accept, not to respond, or may block a request, which prevents the inmate from contacting you further.It is essentially a hospital at the heart of a prison, and nurses are its lifeblood.

Medical supervision comes from one full-time physician and one nurse practitioner—a ratio that offers registered nurses a rare autonomy that is present throughout much of correctional nursing. The infirmary boasts many of the features present in any modern hospital—negative pressure rooms, a call light system, medical beds, and electronic records—but just beyond the nurses station, corrections officers sit in a station of their own, quietly monitoring screens and tracking every move.

Stelsel grew up in Waupun, working for years at the local community hospital. The transition did not take long, she says, as she gained experience with the patients and took advantage of professional training. Stelsel also credits a collaborative partnership with security staff, who are not healthcare professionals but are nonetheless integral members of the healthcare team in a prison. According to the most recent data gathered in by the Health Resources Service Administration, there were between 18, and 20, registered nurses working in correctional settings in the country.

Here in Wisconsin, these nurses serve more than 35, people across 19 state prisons and 76 jails. Many, like Stelsel, have found the experience both rewarding and surprising. After completing his psychiatric certification at UW—Madison, he spent four years working at Dodge and three and a half years as a nurse practitioner at nearby Fox Lake Correctional Institution.

Their health literacy is pretty low, and a lot of them are very appreciative of the help that you give them, the compassion that you show them, the empathy. About a third of individuals under correctional supervision are housed in local jails throughout Wisconsin.

They, too, receive healthcare services from registered nurses like Tania Wenzel. Her team, which includes RNs as well as LPNs, sees between eight and 12 patients a day in a clinic setting, performing sick calls, follow-ups, and intake assessments for every new inmate.

They see drug addiction and alcohol withdrawal, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more. They are constantly educating. They help deputies, for example, recognize alcohol withdrawal symptoms. They also precept nursing students from UW—Madison and other schools. Although the public associates nurses with hospitals and clinics, much of nursing today happens in the community and outside the walls of the traditional healthcare system. Karen Solheim, director of undergraduate programming, says community health is woven throughout the School of Nursing curriculum, and course objectives include learning outcomes in social justice and congruent care.

In their senior-year rotations, students are guaranteed at least one community health experience in schools, parishes, public health, home health, and corrections.They did not specify details about the deceased. The number of people who have the virus is also rising. The cases in Dodge County rose by 35 to people being diagnosed on Saturday.

The number rose to people on Sunday. Statewide, 18, people have tested positive as of Sunday with it causing the death of people. The first death from in Dodge County was reported on April 13 about Dodge County man who died in a different state.

Dodge County: 9 new COVID-19 cases tallied over weekend

The Wisconsin Department of Corrections is currently conducting mass testing to all of its facilities. Two of the facilities having tests last week were in Dodge County. Dodge Correctional Institution has conducted 1, tests with 1, tests still pending results.

There are tests completed with negative results. In addition to the mass testing that is underway, testing has occurred and continues to occur for all persons in our care displaying symptoms consistent with the COVID virus. Increased testing through mass testing now enables us to additionally identify asymptomatic carriers, which is crucial to reducing spread. To date, 7, persons in the correctional facilities have been tested for COVID by the Wisconsin National Guard as part of our expansive testing initiative.

Testing at Waupun Correctional Institution was completed last week for all staff and persons in at the facility. The department of corrections received the results of approximately half of the tests at WCI as of Friday, and continue to receive additional results for both persons in the facility and staff.

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A young girl was hit by a car in Beaver Dam Monday afternoon while riding her bike. Portage Community School District officials are preparing for most students to return to classrooms this fall — with safety modifications — wh…. A year-old Rio man faces charges of homicide by intoxicated use of a motor vehicle after a crash around midnight in the town of Lowville th…. Two Portage residents were charged with a felony for trying to mail an opiate addiction treatment drug into the Columbia County Jail.

Edit Article Add New Article. Log In Become a Member. Dashboard Logout. You have run out of free articles. You can support our newsroom by joining at our lowest rate! Already a subscriber? Log in or Activate your account.From Tuesday to Wednesday, Dodge County's coronavirus total jumped from toaccording to the state.

The increase is due to positive cases from Dodge County correctional institutions being included in the county's count, according to a Facebook post from the Dodge County Public Health Department. Prior to this, the numbers were considered as separate from the Dodge County total. No inmates or staff have tested positive at Dodge Correctional Institution.

The number of negative tests, which the county lists as 5, does not currently include those from the correctional institution. The department hopes to have them as part of the total by next week. As of Wednesday afternoon, 50 people in the community are still sick and have recovered. Three people have died in the county, according to the Facebook post. In Fond du Lac County, coronavirus cases increased by three for a total of As of Wednesday, people have recovered from the virus, 84 are still sick and six of those are hospitalized.

Tests ran on Wednesday had a 0. Nearly 5, tests have been given in the county. Throughout the state, 19, people tested positive,tested negative and have died, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Contact reporter Sarah Razner at or srazner gannett. Follow her on Twitter misssarahrazner. Agnes supervisor's experience with first U. Sarah Razner Fond du Lac Reporter.Purtue, a Dodge Correctional Institution officer, reported that inmate Reddick had thrown an empty box from his cell, hitting her.

Reddick was taken to segregation. Work Rule 6 prohibits correctional officers from falsifying records or knowingly giving false information to prison authorities. Reddick stated that he and Purtue had quarreled earlier and that he threw the box out of frustration but purposefully directed it away from Purtue. Purtue reiterated that the box had hit her.

Dodge Correctional Institution

After watching the video, Purtue agreed that the box had not hit her but maintained that something else hit her. The investigators doubted that story because on the video Purtue did not react.

Other officials agreed with that recommendation. A memorandum identified comparators for Purtue—one man and two women—all of whom were fired for lying or falsifying records. The Seventh Circuit affirmed summary judgment for the defendants. Although there were gender disparities in a statistical report, those disparities revealed little about Purtue's dismissal.

Disclaimer: Justia Annotations is a forum for attorneys to summarize, comment on, and analyze case law published on our site. Justia makes no guarantees or warranties that the annotations are accurate or reflect the current state of law, and no annotation is intended to be, nor should it be construed as, legal advice.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Announcements

Contacting Justia or any attorney through this site, via web form, email, or otherwise, does not create an attorney-client relationship. Enter your email. Purtue v. Wisconsin Department of Corrections, No. Justia Opinion Summary Purtue, a Dodge Correctional Institution officer, reported that inmate Reddick had thrown an empty box from his cell, hitting her.

Opinion Annotation. Download PDF. Primary Holding Seventh Circuit upholds the termination of a female corrections officer for filing a false report. Justia Legal Resources. Find a Lawyer. Law Students. US Federal Law. US State Law. Other Databases. Legal Marketing.Agency Directory Online Services. The Department of Corrections DOC mandates the use of a mask or face coverings by staff as part of certain posts and positions such as in the health services areas, during any transports, and in quarantine and isolation areas.

The following Division of Adult Institution sites are requiring face masks for staff and persons in our care:. On March 23,Governor Evers issued Emergency Order 9,which instituted a moratorium on admissions to state prisons and juven ile facilities. This moratorium has expired and beginning June 1,intakes from county jails will resume. These operations will occur with modifications to limit the risk of potential exposure and spread of COVID to the staff and the persons under our care.

Video visitations are a free service being offered to persons in our care and their authorized visitors, and will be available while visitation is suspended in response to COVID precautions. The Division of Adult Institutions is working to expand this initiative to other adult institutions and will do so as resources allow. All persons in our care at these designated adult institutions are eligible to participate, and individual eligibility will be determined in accordance to department policies.

A comprehensive list of rules and procedures related to this initiative will be provided to staff and persons in our care at their assigned institutions. Further details will be released on our public website as we expand this opportunity to additional institutions.

In the future, the decision to reinstate in-person visitation schedules will be evaluated in consultation with the Department of Health Services. This program allows family and friends to purchase approved personal care items for their loved ones at Wisconsin correctional facilities on a quarterly basis directly from Union Supply Group. Orders can be placed online at WIinmatepackage. Because the suspension of visits greatly impacts persons in our care and their loved ones, the Department of Corrections DOC is providing additional methods for persons in our care to communicate with their loved ones until visits resume.

Persons in our care are encouraged to utilize the following communication methods in accordance to institution policies and procedures:. The expanded methods of communication are in addition to the two free 15 minute phone calls per week that were provided to persons in our care beginning March 16, W hile the DOC understands that these methods do not replace in-person visits with loved ones, it is important that persons in our care continue to communicate with their family and friends during this time.

In order to take precautions and minimize the risk of exposure and spread of COVID in DOC correctional facilities, the DOC is issuing four 4 disposable ear loop masks through canteen for all persons in our care in the near future.

dodge correctional institution cells

As resources become available, institutions will also distribute cloth masks to all persons in our care. The ear loop masks are intended to be used on a short term basis until the DOC is able to issue cloth masks to all persons in our care, which are washable and intended for repeated long term use. Recently, the CDC changed its guidelines to encourage members of the public to wear cloth face coverings in settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.

In light of new CDC data and guidance, DOC is now permitting and encouraging all staff to bring and wear cloth face masks, whenever possible. Please also note cloth face masks should be worn in accordance with the Professional Appearance Standards human resources policies. Please ensure that cloth face masks are:. The individual has not had any direct contact with any other person in our care since that time, and employees that had direct contact with the individual were immediately notified.

The facility has implemented intensive sanitizing and disinfectant measures with an emphasis on routinely cleaning critical areas and high touch surfaces and transportation vehicles. The individual is under the direct medical care of healthcare staff at the facility. Tier One. Tier Two. Test requests that do not meet these criteria will not be tested at the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene or the Milwaukee Health Department Laboratory and will be sent to other labs in the state and country for testing, resulting in longer wait times.

Thursday, March 26, Upon notice of the confirmed case, the employee was directed to quarantine per CDC guidelines.

dodge correctional institution cells

Effective immediately, the institution has suspended administrative rules. The third positive case was confirmed on March 24, and is an employee in the Division of Community Corrections, Region 3. All applicable staff were notified and a deep-cleaning of the site was completed. DOC will direct any employees that report symptoms to quarantine for 14 days.

DOC is taking the situation very seriously, and is working closely with DHS on best practices on how to handle each situation as they occur. We will continue to monitor the situation and act in accordance with the guidelines established by our state and federal partners.From the Iowa Capital Dispatch:. One inmate who is older than 70 has been hospitalized, while the rest have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic, said Cord Overton, spokesperson for the DOC. As of Monday, there were 1, inmates at the Fort Dodge facility, just shy of its maximum capacity of 1, Fort Dodge inmates are now required to wear face masks when they leave their cells.

The department is waiting on the results of more tests and additional testing will be conducted over the next several weeks.

Inmates who tested positive for COVID are isolated in medical units, while staff members who tested positive are staying at home, Overton said. In April, it suspended new inmate admissions from county jails.

The ACLU of Iowa has called on the state to limit the number of arrests, people in county jails and number of people being held on pretrial detention.

Additionally, the group is asking the state to commute people with medical conditions who would have been released in the next two years and commuting people who were scheduled to be released in a year. The Iowa Capital Dispatch is a hard-hitting, independent news organization dedicated to connecting Iowans to their state government and its impact on their lives.

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